Companies affiliated with The Pool Management Group have operations in major cities around the United States, serving 800 community and commercial pools that represent over 100,000 families. Affiliated companies have, for over twenty years, provided homeowners associations, country clubs, municipalities, apartments and neighborhood swim clubs with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that professionals are operating your pool. These companies offer full management services that include your pool staff, maintenance, chemicals, swim lessons, plus everything else down to toilet paper and light bulbs. If you do not need staff at your swimming pool, pool maintenance services, specialized to your individual needs, are offered.  Everything you need around your pool facility ranging from pool furniture to non-skid bathroom flooring is available. The Pool Management Group associated companies can design a program to cater to your facility's every need.

Each company is locally managed to provide you with fast, quality and professional care. With their large employee base, these companies are able to keep your pool fully staffed at all times. Their experience combined with rigorous standards and training, ensures that your pool will be clean, safe and well maintained.