An Aquatics Regional Director position plays a major responsibility within the Swimming Pool Management industry. As a swimming pool management company grows, so does its infrastructure. More customers, administrative duties and the continued operational needs of the pool management business require additional personnel. Part of the Company Structure is to hire a Regional Director to be responsible for approximately 20 or more of the company’s aquatic facilities.

Regional Directors need to be multifaceted individuals with the ability to work well with others and have strong time management skills. The duties of an Aquatic Regional Director include many aspects other than just the daily operation of commercial swimming pools, they will be responsible for customer relations, overseeing opening of all the pools, season operation, and closing down of all swimming facilities. More detailed responsibilities include:

  • Customer Service – One of the most important aspects of the Regional Directors duties is the direct contact with the pool management company’s customers. The quality of service you provide to each aquatic facility is a direct reflection on the company.
  • Overseeing swimming pool operations – This includes chemically balancing the aquatic facilities swimming pool, vacuuming the swimming pools, cleaning the pool tiles, cleaning of the facility decks, cleaning of the facility furniture, cleaning of the bathrooms, maintaining the facilities circulation system, and all other aspects of running the facilities.
  • Facilitate Company Training – This involves the training of other staff members in the policies and procedures of the commercial pool management company.
  • Marketing and Sales – As one of the key people within the company, the Regional Directors role is vital in the sales and marketing of the swimming pool management company. Many times the Regional Director is the main contact and source of information for the Pool Contact of the aquatic facility.
  • Human Resources – At times, it will be the Regional Director will need to assist the General Manager and/or Human Resource Director in the recruiting of Lifeguards and staff members for the swimming pool facility.
  • Opening and Closing of Facilities – This is the Spring Opening and Fall Closing/Winterization of the Aquatic Facility
  • Swimming Pool Supervision – During the summer, the Regional Director will directly oversee any Supervisors, Pool Managers and Lifeguards assigned to them.
  • Repair and Maintenance – Ranges from minor repairs to assisting in major swimming pool reconstruction. The Regional Director will never be asked to do a repair they are not comfortable with or is outside of their area of knowledge.

Compensation: Competitive annual salary, plus an annual bonus.

Benefits: Paid vacation, 401k (20% match), company pays 50% of employee’s health insurance premiums.