A Pool Manager position is a great summer job for college students. Most Pool Managers have some prior experience as a Lifeguard and are looking for a more challenging position, with more responsibility. 

The Pool Manager reports directly to the Swimming Pool Supervisor and is responsible for all activities at the swimming pool, including staffing and scheduling. He or she must be motivated, with strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills. At times, the Pool Manager will take the Lifeguard stand and must therefore be a Certified Lifeguard, and Certified in CPR/First Aid.

The Pool Manager oversees the safe and proper operation of the entire swimming pool, and duties include:

  • Supervise all assigned pool staff
  • Maintain lifeguard schedules
  • Coordinate pool parties
  • Maintain correct chemical levels
  • Keep appropriate swimming pool records
  • Oversee cleaning and general swimming pool maintenance
  • Manage customer relations with swimming pool patrons

While the ability to save lives is of paramount importance to lifeguarding, the ability to prevent life-threatening situations is equally as important. In addition to the required certifications we assure that each Pool Manager is provided the training necessary to perform the Pool Manager job to the standard required by the company.