We invite you to use our Tip Sheet alongside Omnify’s “How to set up your Pool with Omnify- Tutorial” on Youtube.

Tip #1) How many pools do you have?

At times in the process Omnify will ask how many pools you have. If your neighborhood or club has a family pool and a baby pool we recommend that your answer be 1, if you’d like to have one reservation system to regulate capacity into the overall pool area. Most users of the system will only need one reservation system. If you have 2 pools (or more) at your facility and want reservations made for the two pools seperately, watch the Omnify video on YouTube: How to set up multiple pools with Omnify. 

If you are a property manager that will be managing several pools at different facilities, we recommend contacting Omnify directly to discuss your situation.

Tip #2) Store name / Service Store / Website URL

Your ‘Service Store’ is where your members sign up for pool times (in other words, your reservations page). We recommend making the Service Store name reflect your pool’s name, such as Brookland Pool.

Your website URL is the web address (and shareable link) that your patrons will use to get to your service store/reservations page. It’s partially customizable, as you’ll see in the video.

Tip #3) Nomenclature: Think of ‘Classes’ on Omnify as ‘Pool Times’

The Omnify system primarily serves the wellness industry. For example, yoga studios. When in Omnify, you’ll be setting up the daily pool times you’d like to offer as if they are Classes (just like a yoga studio would do if offering a yoga class at a certain time). As per the video, you’ll navigate to Services then Classes to set up your Pool Times when creating your schedule.

Tip #4) When creating Classes/’Pool Times’ include the time in the title

For example, if you’d like to offer a pool time Mon-Fridays from 10am to noon, name your class: Pool Time 10am-12pm. Including this time in the name is very important because when you, as the administrator, look at your dashboard on the backend then you can easily see/verify all the times you have created. You do not want to name all your classes/ times as just Pool Time as this will become confusing quickly. Omnify does use this naming convention in their video, but currently does not explain why.

Two Notes: a) Your pool patrons will see the name of the class/pool time in their emails and on the reservations page. b) If you have a different schedule on the weekends you may even want to code weekend times as such. For example, Pool Time 10am-12pm (ss). Then, on your dashboard you’ll know that that class/pool time is on Saturday or Sunday.

Tip #5) Setting: “Booking for each class opens X days prior”

When setting up a class/pool time, you’ll be asked “booking for each class opens X days prior”. This is how far in advance your members can see the pool times available to make their reservation. For example, ‘one month prior’ means that on June 6 people will be able to see and make a reservation for July 6th. We suggest a maximum of one week for this setting (not one month per the video example). This is because if your pool times schedule needs to change, you can do so without disappointing members that have made reservations a month in advance. This gives you more flexibility.

For example, you may get feedback that the buffer time between the blocks of pool time is too long or too short. Changing this buffer time means changing your entire pool time schedule, which is fine in terms of administration, but will be a disappointment to the pool patrons that have booked a month in advance and then their times get cancelled. You can easily change this ‘booking opens X days prior’ setting once pools are open and you’re more confident in the schedule.

Note: A smaller reservation window of ‘a week prior’ vs ‘a month prior’ also may mean patrons are more likely to keep their reservation a week in advance vs booking up pool times a month out ‘just in case’.

Tip #6) Test drive the system before setting up your entire schedule

a) Initially only set up a few pool times. Then, using a different email address from your administrator email, simulate being a pool patron - and go through the process of resercing a few pool times. Check the pool patron's email and read the confirmation email (see next tip on modifying the defualt email language, should you desire this). Test cancelling your reservations. Simulating a pool patron will help you understand how the platform works from the user side as well.

b) Log out as your pool patron, then log in again with your administrator email to get back to your dashboard (you may need to go to www.getomnify.com and hit Login from this page if you are using the same computer as your test pool patron and your browser has remembered you as the pool patron). Test what happens as the Administrator were you to need to change a pool block of time, or change the capacity limit in your ‘test times’, or need to cancel just one block of time for one day.

c) It’s easy to delete your test pool times if they are not the same as your real schedule, once you’re satisfied with how it works.

Tip #7) Customize the default email language that your pool patrons receive

a) Where:  From your Administrator dashboard go to Apps > Auto emails > Scroll down to Booking emails. You'll see you can customize the language of your default emails for booking confirmation, reminder emails and more.
b) Use caution: only delete fields you know you do not need. For example, some of the , designated by symbols, automatically populate your emails with the date and time of the reservation that was made by the user.  Don't delete those date and time fields as you want that to appear in your confirmation email.
c) The current version of Omnify signs off emails with the name of your service store. You may want to change that to the name of your HOA/club/etc or to something more generic. For example:  Thanks, Your Pool Reservation Platform.
d) You can also add sentences to the top of the email (or anywhere in the body of the email). For example:
     Your Pool Time is Confirmed!

     Please cancel or reschedule by visiting (type in the URL to your service store/reservation page so users have it handy).

     Please remember to wear your mask outside of the pool.

e) Lastly, simulate another test as your pool patron and review the emails received to make sure the language is as you'd like it.

Tip #8) Click the green chat/help box if you need to ask Omnify a question.

Help is available directly from your dashboard.