Three-year old saved at a SwimAtlanta pool

Early in June a three-year old toddler was rescued from drowning by a SwimAtlanta Lifeguard. The little girl woke up from a nap near her mother and headed straight to the pool without being seen by either her mother or the lifeguard. The lifeguard spotted her unconcious, under water in the shallow end, got her out of the pool and performed Rescue Breathing. The little girl began breathing and was fine by the time EMS arrived. She was evaluated at a local hospital and is perfectly healthy. Our lifeguard saved this little girl's life. 

As the President of the Homeowners Association said this morning ”...the money we pay you to run our pool is absolutely worth it!. I'll never question it, again.”

For another perspective on the Success Story see our Drowning Prevention Equation article.

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