The end of the summer is on the horizon and that means back-to-school shopping, football season, and imminent cooler temperatures. For pool owners and operators, it’s the ideal time to have renovation and repair work completed. While it’s never too early to prepare for next season, preparing too late can vastly affect the summer of 2013. Here are three benefits of tackling your pool renovations and repairs this fall.

1) Overcoming Bad Weather

From small fixes to large multi-week projects, most pool renovations require dry, mild weather. Wet conditions can prevent the completion of work, and affect anything from safety to insufficient drying times to overall pool inaccessibility. What’s more, wet weather can stretch a project’s completion date a matter of days or even weeks. In most parts of the U.S., April and May sustain approximately 150% more rainfall and 150% more days with rain than do September and October.

2) Avoiding Delays

Since most people wait until spring to schedule their pool renovations, contractors’ schedules are packed full during the months leading up to the summer pool season. In the spring months, the window of opportunity shrinks for both the customer and the contractor. When packed schedules are combined with increased wet weather, delays are common and sometimes unavoidable. Delays can jeopardize your pool opening on time.

3) Ensuring Quality

With deadlines like Memorial Day Weekend, pressure to take on all the spring work, and a delayed pool opening being unacceptable to customers, pool companies get pressed to complete large quantities of work in a short period of time. Fall projects allow ample time to ensure the work is not rushed and that quality, not meeting deadlines, is the first priority.

We at the Pool Management Group and our family of partner companies want to ensure that your pool is safe, ready to operate smoothly, and worry-free this year and next. Contact your local partner company and begin thinking about how we can help your next summer this fall.