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Surprising Reasons a Lifeguard May Not Be Able to Always See Your Child

Why are lifeguards important at the pool?

  • Lifeguards are professionally trained in providing on the spot life saving emergency care.

  • Lifeguards enforce pool rules and keep an orderly environment.

  • Lifeguards are trained to identify dangerous situations, spot distressed swimmers and make rescues.

Surprising reasons a lifeguard may not be able to see your child:

1. It only takes a second for a child to be in danger.

2. 90% of the time the lifeguard is looking away from your child and looking at others. Lifeguards are trained to move their head back and forth watching the people in the pool. Under the best circumstances, a lifeguard looks at your child once very 10 seconds.

3. Enforcing pool rules takes the lifeguard's attention away from watching your child. The lifeguard's attention may be on enforcing pool rules at the same time your child needs help.

4. A drowning child may slip quietly beneath the surface of the

water with no struggle or cry for help. Once underwater, they

often cannot return to the surface on their own.

5. Water surface conditions like splashing, ripples,

glare and reflection can make it impossible to

see your child beneath the surface of the pool.

This mannequin is on the bottom The same mannequin becomes

of the pool and clearly visible invisible with ripples on the surface

• Be vigilant - Keep your eyes on your child at all times

• Always keep a child who cannot swim within arm's reach

• Only you can watch your child 100% of the time


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