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Who We Are

The Pool Management Group and our family of companies make up the largest privately held pool management organization in the United States. With 16 locations across 9 states, we've been providing solutions and leadership to the industry since 1983. 

Here at The Pool Management Group, we don't run any pools, unless a company in the organization needs an emergency backup team. Instead, our sole focus is to support our locations in delivering the high quality, customer focused service levels that HOAs, municipalities, swim clubs and country clubs need.  

When COVID arrived in the US, The Pool Management Group provided thought leadership for the swimming pool management industry as a whole. 

We enlisted & guided Omnify in modifying their online reservation technology to help keep  commercial swimming pools open and safe across the country.

How We Do It

First, we don't purchase companies to add to The Pool Management Group. Instead, each new location in our family is built from the ground up and steadily grown through The Pool Management Group leadership team. That means our values, processes, technologies, and last but not least, our service level expectations are ingrained into each location.


Each year our team at headquarters invests heavily in process and service improvements so our locations don't have to. This keeps our locations continually improving without diverting attention from their daily operations and servicing customers.  

Operational Excellence

The resources and innovations of The Pool Management Group enable our locations to provide added value & lower risk to their customers. 

  • BACK-UP PERSONNEL  The Pool Management Group has a back-up team in the event of an emergency at a location. From the GM role to service techs, emergencies are handled.

  • ADVANCED TRAINING  Lifeguards across the company are American Red Cross certified and also trained The Pool Management Group way. From cognitive blindness to our proprietary Body On The Bottom™ training, our techniques address drowning risks of which many pool operators are not even aware.

  • NATIONAL ONLINE TRAINING PLATFORM  With content developed by The Pool Management Group, our locations present our proprietary advanced training material online with videos, animations, diagrams, and voice overs. Integrated, online testing ensures employees are engaged and learning. This cutting edge platform has three different curriculums, allowing us to train all lifeguards, supervisors and pool techs.


"We often mention The Pool Management Group as a role model pool management company for others to follow "


-Dr. Tom Griffiths, President and Founder, Aquatic Safety Research Group

A drowning child can become  


under water. 



  • $20 MILLION IN INSURANCE  Research shows accidents happen at even the best run pools and resulting lawsuits can cost upwards of $16 million.  Our insurance coverage is not just a “nice to have,” but a necessity. 

  • POOLVISION (OUR REPORTING SOFTWARE)  Our software automatically emails a report after each pool visit. Information includes: pool condition, water chemistry readings and a photo of your pool.

  • SALESFORCE  We've taken operational efficiencies and internal communications to the next level with implementation of the Salesforce platform to manage our operational data. Our general managers at each location know what's happening at their pools when it matters most. 

  • NATIONAL SAFETY ADVISORS Customers of each of The Pool Management Group companies receive the expertise of our internationally renowned Safety Advisors, Dr. Tom Griffiths and the team at the Aquatic Safety Research Group. Named as one of the “Power 25- Top 25 most powerful aquatics professionals in the World”, by Aquatics International Magazine.

  • THOUGHT LEADERSHIP  When COVID became prominent and pool owners & municipalities were concerned that pools may not open, the team at The Pool Management Group took the reins and developed COVID safety protocols, including detailed calculations on limiting capacities & disinfecting schedules. We sought out, enlisted, and then guided a scheduling software company (Omnify) in modifying their existing platform to serve the unique needs of pools and HOAs in these unprecedented times. Omnify did that, and at a record speed. During the summer, we encouraged health departments, HOAs and Property Managers to share our guidance far and wide in the hope that all pools in every neighborhood could salvage their summer of swimming, our customers or not. We received over 45,000 unique visitors to our website protocol page. From being credited in the state of Indiana's formal COVID guidance to being published in Swimming World magazine, we are proud to have helped swimmers around the globe stay healthy and in swimming pools during the pandemic. 

Operational Excellence
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