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Is Your Pool Following Safe Guidelines During Covid-19 Pandemic? 

In this article we provide our policy and process guidance for opening safely during the pandemic with readers of Swimming World Magazine. LEARN MORE


CHANNEL 9, Charlotte, NC

Jeff Gaeckle, Co-founder of The Pool Management Group, speaks with channel 9 about pools opening during COVID in North Carolina. 

“We have to be careful, we have to be methodical about how we do things, we have to follow the steps. If we just open them up and say c’mon, let’s go ... these things will be shut down as quick as they opened,” said Gaeckle. LEARN MORE

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Just a few weeks after Kentucky’s top public official splashed cold water on opening public pools at the start of summer, a petition with more than 15,000 signatures circulated Louisville asking Governor Andy Beshear to reopen the pools for Memorial Day.

“It’s not trying to steal anybody's summer the coronavirus is doing that for us. It’s trying to keep you safe and protected, trying to keep your kids from spreading this to other people,” the governor said in his daily con.. LEARN MORE


In fall of 2001, Chris Davis and Jim Fraser went on a trip to Costa Rica. The longtime friends had annual plans to go on a unique trip every year. One year Davis chose the destination and Fraser the next.

Whether it was backpacking to Canada or skiing in Alaska, the two made sure to keep the trip exotic. And in 2001, the plan was to go to Costa Rica to surf. Born and raised in Florida, Fraser learned how to surf as a kid, but Davis never learned, though he was also from Florida. But the two still went.... LEARN MORE

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In an effort to promote swimming and support public aquatic facilities, Paddock Pool Equipment staged its first-ever Ultimate Pool Conference January 25 to 27 in Charlotte, N.C. The event drew 247 attendees that included not only members of the pool and spa industry but also community leaders, coaches, Olympic swimmers and others interested in keeping the sport of swimming afloat in their communities.

According Don Baker, president of Paddock Pool Equipment............ LEARN MORE


If you're a strong swimmer who's interested in being a lifeguard, summer is filled with job opportunities in the metro Atlanta area. You'll get to spend your day by the pool in a fun atmosphere, but you'll also have the responsibility of making sure that guests remain safe.

What employers are looking for

You'll need to be physically fit and be a strong swimmer, and you'll also need to be able to stand and sit for long periods of time in direct sunlight.. LEARN MORE

Searching for a way to describe Chris Davis personality, Eric Shanteau pauses for a moment. The two-time Olympic swimmer, who has known Davis for years from training at SwimAtlanta with Davis as his coach, then gets the perfect suggestion. That's it, he's a 63-year-old kid, Shanteau said of Davis, who co-founded SwimAtlanta in 1977. He's got a great sense of humor. He doesn't take life too seriously.


Davis knows when to get serious, too, having built SwimAtlanta..... LEARN MORE


Clarion Safety Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of safety signs and safety labels, has produced a video on shallow water blackout and effective pool safety signs. The piece is part of a series of short, educational videos designed to serve as a resource in promoting a better understanding of current best practices in the design of product safety labels and safety sign systems.

The goal of its 4-minute video, “Drowning Prevention: Shallow Water Blackout,” is to educate and raise awareness of shallow water blackout.......... LEARN MORE